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Shipping Options

Rinks Little Chihuahuas likes to try and help all of our families in anyway that we can in getting
your Chihuahua Baby from our home to yours.  We realize that with everyones busy life that its not
 always easy to find the time to travel 2 hours or more to pick up a puppy. This is why we try to assist
 our families to  the best of our ability.

All of our families have the option of course to pick up their puppy in our home here at Rinks Little
Chihuahuas. We live in Newark, Ohio 43055, this is just NE of Columbus, Ohio. If you are not able to
 drive to our home, we are willing to drive up to 200 miles to meet with you to delivery your puppy.
We ask though that you be responsible for our expenses for this trip. This includes our fuel, toll
cost, and lodging if it is necessary for the time that you choose for pick up. We will also charge a
small fee for this.

You also have the option to fly to the following airport to pick up your puppy in Columbus Ohio. My
 husband will happily meet you and assist you in making sure all the arrangements are arranged and
approved for you to take your Chihuahua Baby back with you IN CABIN. Our Chihuahua Babies have
 flown VERY WELL this way.        

We also give you the option to let us deliver your Chihuahua Baby to your local airport. My husband
will be the one assisting in this type of delivery. This is to assist people who may not be able to
 leave their home town for what ever reason to pick up your puppy. In this situation the BUYER
will be responsible for ALL Flight expenses, including lodging if required prior to return flight
from the airport. The buyer approved carrier for your puppy to travel IN CABIN with us on the
flight. These things are required for us to be able to fly the puppy to you. The BUYER is responsible
 for ALL of these expenses.

If for some reason none of these options work for you, just give us a call and talk with us and we
 will do our best to help you come up with another option. We have never flown our Chihuahua Babies
other than IN CABIN and we have NO plans to do this either, not at this time. Our Vet doesn't
approve for such a little puppy to fly in cargo and we happen to agree with him on this matter!
We feel this would be too traumatic for such a tiny puppy.

All expenses are at the BUYERS expense, when it comes to flying your puppy back with you or flying
 your puppy to you. You will be responsible for all expenses pertaining to this. We will not charge any
fees for our time for this. Any expense for this will only pertain to the requirements that it takes
to deliver the puppy to you.

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