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last updated June 10, 2016

Planned Breedings and Waiting List for 2016

This schedule is tentative and may be subject to change.

  If you would like to be put on a waiting list for any of our upcoming  litters, please fill out an application
so we can get you approved. You must be approved before you can be placed on a waiting list. Placing your
 name on a waiting list does not obligate you to buy a puppy.  This gives you first choice before others that
 aren't on the list, for a particular sex, color, size etc.. If you decide you are not interested after they are
 born, then you  aren't obligated to buy. If you find a  puppy you are interested in, then you will need to put a
 Non-Refundable $200.00 Deposit down on the puppy you want. This way we can hold that particular puppy
for you until she/he is old enough to go to its new home! If something happens to a puppy that you put a deposit
on, you will have two choices. You can move your deposit over to another puppy or I will refund your  money if
            the puppy died or became sick while in my care. No refunds will be given for someone changing their mind.             

** I can NOT hold a puppy without a deposit!
I do try to work with people though.



Rinks Lil Miss Phoebe

will breed in the Spring 2016
This will be a long & short coat litter

Paco's Lil Angel at Rinks

Angel will be bred in the Spring of 2016




Rinks Lil Miss Allie


     She has been spayed and is retired here with us!       

Rinks Lovely Lil Lola

Lola  has been spayed and is now retired here with us!


Rinks Lil Miss Katie

Katie is retired

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