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Last Updated Feb. 25, 2013

      Past Puppies  

All of my puppies leave here and they take a piece of my
heart with them! I
miss each and everyone of them and I LOVE to receive updates and photos!!


*Watch a video clip of Ava's 1st litter of puppies on You Tube, just click on the link below.*

Chihuahua Puppies playing


 Arthur & Anna Ford of Newark, Ohio

She is a Brindle Spotted On White Long Coat female


Dam - Sarina                                                                   Sire Bentley
Pixie            Pixie



Shalynda Fair of Muncie, Indiana

Dam - Sarina                                                                   Sire Bentley
Copper         Copper



to Renee Newcomb of Florida

Sable short double coat male

Dam - Sarina            Sire Bentley



to Andrew Witchey of Pittsburgh, PA

Brindle Spotted on White Boy

Dam - Sarina                                                                   Sire Bentley
Rigby             Rigby



(a.k.a. Moose)
now lives with

 Corey & Trisha Markley of Marion Ohio

 Chocolate Long Coat Tri Male
6 Weeks Old
Moose             Moose


Has found her forever home with Paige Watson and family.
in Ashtabula, Ohio



Murphy (aka Toby)

went to live with

 Barbara Thatcher of Springfield, Oho

Sire is Gizmo                                                                     Dam is Sarina                  
Toby       Toby

9 Weeks Old                                                                            10 Weeks                    


Brody & Bobo
both are now living with Joyce in Waynesville, Ohio

Sire is Gizmo                      Dam is Sarina
Brody & Bobo    



went to live with Susan Marvin-Ryall
in PA

Sire is Gizmo                      Dam is Sarina



is living with Sandra L VanKula
in Ashtabula, Ohio

Sire is Gizmo                                                                        Dam is Phoebe
Alexius      Allie



Went to live with Wendy Tyree

in Powell Ohio

         Sire is Gizmo                                                                Dam is Phoebe
Parker     Parker


Has found his forever home with Jason & Susan Flutschy and their teenage
daughters in Massillon, Ohio. They also have a 2 year old male Chihuahua so
Gavin will have a friend to play with. Plus his new mommy is a stay at home mom! :)

Sire is Grizzly                      Dam is Lola  
Gavin15    Gavin



Zack has found his forever home with Duane & Kristen Lombard of Austintown, Ohio

Damn is Lola     Sire is Grizzly


Willie is sold
to Nathan Tolliver of Erie, Michigan

Damn is Lola     Sire is Grizzly


Has found his forever home with Linda Deyer and her husband
Lancaster Ohio

Solid Black short coat male

Damn is Keela     Sire is Grizzly


Nina has found her forever home with Lindsey McKnight
and her husband and now lives in Lockbourne Ohio.

                     Damn is Keela                                                                         Sire is Grizzly  
Nina            Nina 


(formerly known as Jewels)

Has found her forever home with
Chelsea Mercatante  of Centerville, Ohio

    Damn is Keela                                                                         Sire is Grizzly  
jewels13                   Coco

New Photos of Coco Aug. 2013

   Coco                           Coco


(aka Yoshi)  

Went to live with Amy Baloh and her family in Pittsburg, PA

    Damn is Keela                                                                         Sire is Grizzly   
yoshi      Caesar


Amy and Rob Rhodes added Daphne to their family.

They live in Indianapolis, Indiana

Sire Grizzly & Dam Keela

     Daphne                Daphne



Found his forever home with Susy Graham in Michigan

Sire Paco & Dam Katie


Erich went to live with David Kramer & Katie Shepherd
in Pittsburg, PA

Sophia is the Damn & Paco is the Sire



Libby has gone to live in Des Moines, Iowa...

Maressa Stonehocker and her daughters.
They will be calling her Jellybean

Sophia is the Damn                                                                          Paco is the Sire
Libby    Sophia's girl



Lexie went to live with Susan Swigart in

Massillon Ohio. They are changing her name to Chica

    Sire Paco & Dam is Katie    
Lexi     chica


 Lilly lives with Betty Walsh of Ohio

Damn is Lola and Sire is Grizzly

Lilly    Lilly


Formerly known as Stormy & Daffy

They now live in Indiana with Tati Yurconic and have new names...

Meet Disel & Mitzi

Dam is Lola and the Sire is Grizzly

Stormy/Disel      Daffy


This is Skye and her new name is Daisy

She lives in Massilion Ohio with Debbie Meyers and her family

Damn is Lola and the Sire is Grizzly

Skye       Daisy



Jim & Shelley Dilts have decided to add Lulu to their family!
She has gone to
live in Vandergrift, PA

Sire Paco & Dam is Katie
Lulu    Lulu


Molly has gone to live with Vickie Harris
of Galloway Ohio. She is gonna call her Mindy!

Sire Paco & Dam is Katie

aka Eli has gone to live with Smantha Sloane of Long island New York
She has decided to name him Bernie

Sire Paco & Dam is Katie

eli     Bernie


This is the little girl I called Ona.. She is now living with her new
owner, Vernoika Tur in Utica, New York! She has renamed her Chloe.
She is solid black

Sire is Grizzly & Dam is Keela
Oona 6 Weeks & 2 Days Old.jpg      

   chloe      Chloe


Bailey lives  with Jamie Coulardot and Chris Chuney in Woodburn, Indiana
They have since added another Rinks Chihuahua to their family, (aka Kyler)
They have changed his name to Gizmo

Sire Paco & Dam is Ava
Bailey    Bailey

Sire Paco & Dam Sophia
Kyler    Kyler

Zeus found a wonderful home with Jill Miller
 and her family in Hilliard Ohio.

Sire is Grizzly               Dam is Lola
Zeus     Zeus


This is Nikko, he has gone to live with Karen Hodges
and her family in Cincinnati, Ohio

Sire is Grizzly and Dam is Lola                                      Sire is Grizzly and Dam is Lola  
Black & Chocolate Tri Male   Nikko


This is Lyla and Iris  
They both have gone to the same family.
They live with Jason & Angie Treadway and their daughers in Toboso Ohio

This is Lexi in the picture with both of the girls!

                             Dam is Keela and Sire is Rink                                         Dam is keela & Sire is Grizzly                        
Alexi and Lyla          Iris      


Cheesy has found his forever home

with Mollee Nutial of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
his new name is Butters!

Sire is Paco & Dam is Ava   



This is Nugget he is our grandson's dog, Nugget. but
we will be raising him here in our home for Kyler.

Sire is Paco & Dam is Ava
Nugget      nugget

Kyler & Nugget


Tawny lives in Newark, Ohio with Ronnie
Sire is Paco & Ava is the Dam
Tawny 5 Weeks & 6 Days Old.jpg



          Roxy has fouund the perfect home in Grove City, Ohio 
           with Tamera Heydt.. She was sooo in love with Roxy!  
         She has a awesome home with her new owner!!
                                                8 Weeks & 5 Days Old                                    
   Roxy 8 Weeks & 5 Days Old 2.jpg         Roxie 


 Miki found a great home with Christina Bakes
and family they live in Gahanna, Ohio. They have
renamed her Pepper. I think that suits her very well.

Dam is Katie and Sire is Bruiser

     Miki 8 Weeks & 5 Days Old.jpg        Pepper and brother


Zeus has found an awesome home with Valarie Justice
and family in Ann Arbor Michigan!

Sire is Grizzly & Dam is Keela
Zeus 8 Weeks & 4 Days Old 3.jpg        


 Decker whom is now named Tyson is living with
 Nychole Gregory in Muncie, Indiana

Sire is Grizzly & Dam is Keela

Kyle  & Nicole


Ebony has found her forever home with Rhonda Duvall and her Husband
in Columbus Ohio. Along with their other 2 female Chihuahuas.

Good Bye my little Angel! Your birth Mommy loves you forever and always!!  I think we
found you a Great Forever Home!

Sire is Grizzly & Dam is Ava

Ebony 22 wks & 6 Days    Ebony 22 wks & 6 Days


Reo has found a home with Andy and Sara Cole  and their daughters,
 (Zoey and Alisha) and has gone to live in Michigan, Ohio

Sire is Grizzly               Dam is Lola
Reo 12 Weeks & 4 Days 2.jpg


Allie went to live with Sherrie & Doug Scarberry in Utica, Ohio.  They now own 2
of our Chihuahua Babies. Rose was their first Rinks Chihuahua and she is a Fawn sc
and she is a darling, weighing in at only 3.5 lbs. full grown!  I'm excited to see what
Allie blooms into as she grows! She is a gorgeous black & white double lc with a coby
body and short little legs!

Allie                                                                           Rose  
                                  Sire is Grizzly and Dam is Lola                                     Sire is Rink and Dam is Keela                                         
Allie.jpg        Rose

Allie & Rose 
 allie & rose


This is Chullo (aka..Milo) he went to live with Jason & Marcy
Arsenault and their 2 small boys in Canada.
Miss you Milo!

Sire is Grizzly  and  Dam is Ava
Milo           Chullo


This is Jose' he went to live with Christina Bergman
and her family in Russia, Ohio

Sire is Grizzly and Dam is Ava

Jose' 15 Weeks & 5 Days Old.jpg       Jose' in his new home.jpg


This little guy has found a great home with Mary M. Mickey of Twinsburg, Ohio. He is a very lucky
little guy and he will get to travel with her to her job every day. She has named him Ollie!

Sire is Grizzly  and the Dam is Ava     
                               Ollie         Ollie                               


This little Guy went to live with Emily Littler of Grove City, Ohio.
 Chance her son was very happy to find this little guy under his
Christmas tree, Christmas morning. They named him Gunther.

Sire is Grizzly & Dam is Ava, 
Chance with his new puppy Gunther.jpg                Gunther & Chance

Updated photo of Gunther with his new buddy.
Gunther and his buddy



This is Itty Bitty and she lives with Barb Hodges of Newark, Ohio

Dam is Lola & Sire is Grizzly
Itty Bitty 6 wks & 3 days old              (Runt) Chocolate on White Tri Female 3 wkks 5 days

Itty Bitty
Itty Bitty


This little guy has found the perfect home with Shannon Bookout and her family in Pataskala Ohio!

                                                                                                  Hi Christy,
The little guy is adjusting wonderfully. We have named him Charlie and he is about the smartest little puppy
I've ever met! We were trying the puppy pads and he's decided he would rather go outside. He loves it out
 in the back yard and follows us everywhere. He is soooooo sweet!! He and Zachary have already become
best pals. (photos attached). I am so glad I found your web site. Charlie is fitting in and already thinks he's
the head of our house. :)  I definitely made the right decision!! Take care and I'll keep in touch with his progress.
Thank you,
Shannon Bookout

Dam is Lola & Sire is Grizzly      
Jake Cho & W Tri.jpg      Zachary and Charlie


This is Gracie she has gone to live with Albert & Susan Tatalone in Erie, PA

Dam is Katie, Sire is Grizzly
Gracie 6 wks & 3 days old            Gracie


Dora has found a wonderful home with Kourtney Beachy in Plain City, Ohio
She named her Darcy

Dam is Katie and Sire is Grizzly
Dora 15 Weeks.jpg


Chico went to his new forever home in Powel, Ohio with
Gary and Lisa Bachinski and their two children!
The Dam is  Katie and the Sire is Grizzly
Lt. Fawn (Buck).jpg            Lt. Fawn (Buck)2.jpg

This is Chico (we called him Buck) and his new brother Zack. This is Chico's new best friend!
What an adorable picture! Thanks Lisa for the update!


Just wanted to let you know that Chico is doing great.  Zack and Chico have a lot of fun playing
 together and has made friends with our neighbor's dog Sophie. He also chases the cat when ever
he gets a chance. I attached a picture of Chico and Zack.  He has gotten a little bigger but I think
 he is going to stay pretty small. He goes to the vet this week for his last shot so I'll let you know how
big he has gotten after he goes to the vet. Hope his brothers and sisters are also doing well.


Chico and Zach 9-12-2010.jpg        


This is Moe he has found a great home with Amber Dunn in Grove City, Ohio

Dam is Katie & Sire is Grizzly
Black and White Tri Male 8 wks 2 days


This is Tucker he lives with Melanie Iantorno in Mayfields Hts, Ohio

Dam is Lola & Sire is Grizzly


Carlos has gone to live with Rob & Janenne Temple and their daughter, Savanna in Michigan This
is Carlos new updated picture he weighs 3.15 lbs. full grown!

Dam is Katie, Sire is Grizzly
Black and White Tri Male (sold) 6 wks 4 days old            Carlos


Here is a picture of Eva, she went to live in Columbus, Ohio
I thought I had this little girl on here but some how it must of been deleted.

Dam is Keela and Sire is  Rink


This is Gus.....He lives with Michael and Caroline Mustac in West Deptford, New Jersey. They have enrolled
him in puppy classes and they say he is so smart and has already learned many commands. He has
found a awesome home! As most of my Chihuahua babies have!

     Oct. 2, 2010
                             Dam is Keela and Sire is Rink                          Gus Graduation from  his puppy classes at Pet Smart    
     Gus in his new home.jpg             gus               


This little girl is living with Heidi and her family in New York. her name is
Zoe' Juliet. This is a picture of Heidi's son holding Zoe'

Here are two emails that I have recieved from Heidi.

Zoe' is doing great.  She was so good on the trip and last night she curled up and slept through the night. 
She seems happy and has been playing with her toys with us  We have all fallen in love with her.  She has
been eating and going potty just fine.  We decided to keep her name Zoe' since it really seems to fit her.  We
are still going to add Juliet as a middle name.  I'll keep you up to date and forward pictures when I get them
downloaded. Thanks again, we really love her!!   Heidi
I forgot to let you know that I took Zoe' to the vet last Tuesday and he said she looked great.  She has really
settled in nicely. I can't believe how good she's been and she is absolutely the sweetest baby we could have
asked for.  We really love her.  I've attached a photo of her with my son. Thanks again, Heidi

Dam is Keela and Sire is Rink
Zoe'          Zoe' and Heidi's son


This is Lilly she lives with Chantelle Nolan in Centerburg, Ohio

Dam is Keela and Sire is Rink
Lily baby           Lily baby


    This little guy is living with Dottie Jacks of Newark Ohio and she named him Brody. He
has really turned into quite a little man! His mommy says he thinks he's a cat and she
isn't gonna tell him other wise!  I'm happy to say that Dottie now has 2 of our Chihuahuas!
 She now has the dog we called Gus... She has renamed him Buckeye.

Dam is Keela and Sire is Rink for both the boys, just different litters.

Dottie says Brody and Buckeye (Gus) are best friends now and get along great!
Buckey (Gus) and Brody          Brody sleeping with the cat
                                The pic below on the left is the newest                
                                    pic from Dottie of the two boys                  
                Buckeye Gus and Brody          Brody                           


This is Biscuit he has been re-homed due to his previous owner having to move to a senior living
 community and didn't have room there for him. She didn't think it was fair to him. I stand by
my word when I say I will take any of my dogs back for any reason. I do not want any of my
puppies to end up in a unwanted home or even worse, such as a shelter. If for some reason
I'm not able to find them a new home they will always have a home here with me. 

Biscuit is now living with his new owners Brian and Dawn Kitchen and their daughter Peyton
in Hebron Ohio. He seems to be adjusting very well. He was the most well mannered and
behaved little guy during his brief return to us.  Below on the right is Biscuits new best friend!
He has adjusted very well in his new home and is so very loved by all of them!

Dawn and her husband Brian now have 3 of our dogs. They have Biscuit, Snoopy and Spud!

Dam is Keela and Sire is Rink
Biscuit rinks chihuahuas     Biscuit and his buddy Bruiser


This is Boots! He only lives a couple miles from us. He looks just like his mommy and
is so very spoiled by his new owners Wayne and Barb Shorts of Newark, Ohio.

Dam is Keela and Sire is Rink
This is Boots

 This is Dink, he is living in Long Island, New York! His new owner Melissa
flew to the Columbus Ohio Airport, where my husband met her and gave her
Dink so that she could take him back with her on a return fly with Dink in
cabin and back home on her lap to Long Island.

Melissa is really awesome about sending us regualr updates on Dink and
pictures of him on his birthdays. I need to get his 2nd Birthday picture up
sometime soon! His 1st Birthday! They had a party for him! How cute is that?

Melissa sent me his 2nd Birthday picture but I've yet to get it scanned and put up.
I hopefully will get this done soon.

Melissa sends me new pictures every Christmas of Dink but I am so far behind on
updating his pictures..

 Dam is Keela and Sire is Rink  
Rinks little chihuahua Dink      Dink the chihuahua on new years

Dinks 1st. Birthday!



Sire is Bruiser & Dam is Katie




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