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Last updated Oct. 12, 2017

Puppy Application

Filling out this application does not guarantee you a puppy. This application will help me determine
if a Chihuahua is the best puppy for you and it will also help me learn something about where my
Chihuahua baby might be going to live. Each and every prospective puppy buyer is asked to fill this
out with honesty and openness and to return this questionnaire to me. This helps us to determine
 which traits you are seeking in a Chihuahua puppy and it also lets us learn a little bit about the
family and home environment of where  our Chihuahua Baby might be going to live. Just copy and
paste the below application into an email and answer all the questions.

I reserve the right to refuse a sell to any person for any reason, if I feel its not
in the best interest of my Chihuahua Baby for whatever reason! I also WILL NOT
sell to Puppy Mills, or Pet stores. I  WILL SELL TO LOVING FOREVER HOMES! ONLY!

This puppy application should be emailed to:

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