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Last updated  Feb. 14, 2015

Puppy Packs


I always send my puppies home with a generous puppy pack. I like to do this to ensure that
 my puppies go home with a little
bit of what they are use to! Hopefully in doing this, it will help
Chihuahua Babies adjust to their new home and surroundings with out too much stress!


They will receive the following items:

Vet Health Records
Shot Records
A copy of the Contract
CKC Registration Application
1 ziplock baggy full of the current Puppy Food they are on. 
1 snack pack baggy full of Puppy Biscuits
 Rawhide Chicken or Beef Sticks
 Rawhide Chips either Beef/Chicken flavored
 2 Greenies, Dental Chews....Teenie size
2 Puppy Toys identical to some they are use to playing with
2 Puppy Pads
1 Puppy Harness with Leash
* Fleece Puppy Blanket

**Their blanket will leave here with Mom & litter mates scent on it.
Hopefully this can help them with their transition from our home to yours.

**Sometimes the puppy pack will vary, depending on what I have available, Sometimes I
will find something else I will either add or will substitute certain things with.






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