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blck_paw_print.pngs    A Little Bit About How We Started Our Love For Chihuahuas!     blck_paw_print.pngs

It all started with my husband's illness. In 2003 my husband was diagnosed with Lung Cancer!
My husband became very ill and had to go through a lot of Chemo & Radiation Treatments. He
ended up taking an early retirement. Through all of this we talked about a lot of things and
one night he told me had always wanted a Chihuahua. Well the thought of getting a Chihuahua
had never ended my mind. I decided though if that is what he wanted, then we would find him
one. It seemed like every time I would call about a Chihuahua that was for sale it would
already be sold. My husband said just forget about it, but I was determined to find him what
he wanted. I started looking on line and found an ad in the Columbus Dispatch and called them.
They said that had one cream male puppy left. Well we made arrangements with them and told
them we really wanted him. We went the next day and the minute we seen him we knew he was
ours! It was like we fell in love right away and needless to say Little Rink went home with us
that day and has been in our home and our hearts ever since!! He will always be very special
              to us!                                                                                                                                           
Once my husband started all of his treatments, Little Rink went with us to all of his appointments
and treatments. My husband did nothing for a year except his treatments and sleep. He was a very
sick man and Little Rink layed by his side every day and night. My husband swears to this day that
Little Rink is the main reason he is alive today. My husband was staged a 3B and he is very lucky
to be alive today! It makes you look at life a lot different after going through such a horrible
experience with a loved one! My husband went through a lot of years of ct scans and test to keep
watch on any recurrences.  At first they said he was in remission and after 7 years of being cancer
free they have said he is cured! We feel very blessed to have this second chance with his life. So
 here we are 14 Chihuahua Babies later, 1 tiny Yorkie and 1 Large German Shepherd we call Bobby.      

We live on a small 32 acre family farm in Newark, Ohio. you never know what kind of an animal
we will  have here. We had pigs, chickens, ducks, cats, calves and my pet goat Rocky. My husband
and I between us have 5 awesome kids, 4 sons and 1 daughter and 1 very awesome little 4 1/2 year old
grandson named Kyler. He is our pride and joy! My husband's daughter and her Finance and Kyler
all live with us right now and our brand new granddaughter who is now 1 year old named Kalleigh.

We are now putting a lot of time and love into all of our Chihuahuas since our kids are all grown
and we are loving every minute of it.  It's not always easy with 16 dogs and having puppies on top
of that, but we enjoy what we are doing. They are all very special to us and they all have different
personalities and are unique in their own way. We do not ever crate our dogs and we do not
 kennel them. Our dogs live in our house with us, they sleeps with us, they watch television with us
and they go outside with us when the weather is nice enough to do so. When the girls are in heat
 my husband stays in the shop with the boys. This way we can ensure there is never a breeding that
 is not planned. He has a sofa bed, love seat, refrigerator, television with Dish Network out there.
They pretty much have all the comforts of the house, so its not like they are roughing it. We spend
almost every evening together in the shop and the girls that are not in heat get to go too.  

 I have included a picture of my husband with Little Rink laying with him. This picture was
taken before his treatment had started. The other 2 pictures are of Little Rink when we first
brought him home and one of how he looks today! Little Rink loves everyone and has never met
 anyone he doesn't like.  His favorite two things to do are to eat and to play ball. I don't think
no matter how old he gets that he will ever get tired of playing ball. Chihuahuas are lap dogs and
if you don't want a lap dog, then I would suggest that you buy a different breed of dog. They love
 to sleep under blankets and up against you to get warm, but most of all they love to be at your side
        or in your laps or laying close to you.                                                                                    

         My cream colored baby boy Chihuahua we call Little Rink         Keela and Little Rink                    

Darrell my hubby, Little Rink and Keela  

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