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Mika's Nursery

In order to purchase a puppy you must first submit a puppy application to me through email.
Just copy and paste the application into an email and send it back to me with all of your
answers. I will then notify you as soon as possible.

I require a $200 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT which will be used as a holding fee, and
will go toward the cost of the puppy. This NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.... $200.00  places
the puppy on hold for you. 
I also will not hold a puppy for anyone without a deposit first. First person with an approved puppy
application, and communication with me on how to send the deposit, will get the puppy, I will not hold a
while someone is trying to make up their mind. I have done this before, only to lose other great
homes for my babies. I hope you understand.


Mika will be bred to Wyatt, sometime after the first of the year 2019

Mika & Wyatt

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